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The Salt Cellars CD Release Party

Saturday, June 23, 2018

9pm $10

The Salt Cellars were started by Rob Bersan & Virginia deCarle, a singing/songwriting duo from Wilno and Maynooth in 2016. Ron Kapitain joined them in the summer of 2017 on the harp and accordion. And in 2018 they became a full band with Rick Joudrey on bass, Brendon Burgess on percussion and Anne Wilde on harmonies!! They played their first show as a band in April of 2018 to a very appreciative crowd. Their all original music and energetic performance got the crowd on their feet and dancing along. This will be a release party for their debut CD. Longtime friend of Maynooth, the Mayor of Essonville, His Worship, Albert Saxby will be opening the show.

The Salt Cellars contact CD Release Extravaganza Sat. June 23 2018 The Arlington with Special Guest Albert Saxby 9:00 PM $10


Saturday, June 23, 2018

9pm $10

In the late 70’s Lester Behm and Rick Lewis hooked up due to their desire to create a band. Both liked Rock and Roll! This band was called Rox featuring Lester on guitar & vocals and Rick on drums.
This was a successful venture for these young men. Rick Lewis moved on, gaining experience with several other bands as a guitar and vocalist. Lester Behm also moved on as a guitar and vocalist with other bands
In early 2012, after many years, Lester and Rick reunited. At this point their new creation, Reckless was born!
In 2016 Dave Smith (Drums) and Matt Laurier (Bass) joined the band as the solid drive behind Rick and Lester’s guitars and vocals.

Reckless Saturday June 30 2018 True Rock N Roll 9pm $10 #PurplePalace

The Dinner Is Ruined

Saturday, July 7, 2018

9pm $10

The Dinner Is Ruined is a Canadian indie rock band. the band plays an experimental and improvisational brand of blues rock. The band members are Dale Morningstar, Dave Clark and Dr. Johnny Pee.

The Dinner Is Ruined was formed in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Dale Morningstar. Original members included Don Kerr on drums and Al Kelso on bass. They recorded their first album, Burn Your Dashiki, in 1991. After this point, Kelso left the band. Keyboardist/bassist Dr. Pee joined the group, and a second album, Love Songs from the Lubritorium, was recorded in 1993 by Raw Energy, Kerr left the band after this.

While opening for the band Rheostatics in 1994, Morningstar and Pee were booed and had objects thrown at them. Subsequently, Clark, at the time a member of Rheostatics, joined The Dinner is Ruined.

In 2000, the group released the album A Maggot in their Heads. The band continued to perform live, with often improvised instrumentation quite different from their recorded work.

In 2001 the band performed live at the Folk on the Rocks Festival in Yellowknife, backing up Gord Downie. This collaboration continued, and the members of The Dinner Is Ruined recorded as part of Gordon Downie’s backup band on his three solo albums. Downie’s band also includes Julie Doiron and Skydiggers guitarist Josh Finlayson.

In 2014, The Dinner is Ruined backed up singer Kyp Harness on his album Armageddon Blues.

ladies and gentlemen... the Dinner Is Ruined art punk rocknroll you can shake to Sat July 7th $10. the Arlington Hotel, Maynooth ON "opened for sonic youth, beck, etc... 4 albums/tours w/ gord downie gigs from massey hall to mali, west africa more adventures than trump has lies...." #PurplePalace

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