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It’s easy to visit The Other Algonquin!
By bus or by car, your Algonquin Park adventure is a short drive from Toronto or Ottawa. The hostel is located in the tiny village of Maynooth, just 15 minutes from the South Gate of Algonquin Park and 30 minutes from the East Gate. The biggest town in the region, Bancroft is just 15 minutes to the south.

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The Arlington
32990 Highway 62
PO Box 87
Maynooth, ON
K0L 2S0

Driving Directions:

From Toronto (260km) and Peterborough (130km)
Hwy 401 east to Hwy 115
Hwy 115 north to Hwy 7 (115 ends at 7, at the stop lights in Peterborough)
Hwy 7 east (right) to Hwy 28 (7km, second set of stop lights)
Hwy 28 north (left) to Bancroft
Hwy 62 north to Maynooth
From Montreal (440km) and Ottawa (240km)
Hwy 417/17 west to Renfrew
Hwy 60 west to Barry’s Bay
Hwy 62 south to Maynooth


Hwy 417/17 west to Renfrew
Hwy 132 west to Hwy 41
Hwy 41 west to Denbigh
Hwy 28 west to Hardwood Lake and Bancroft
Hwy 62 north (right) to Maynooth
From Kingston (190km) and Belleville (115km)
Hwy 401 west to Belleville
Hwy 62 north to Bancroft and Maynooth
From Huntsville (146km) and Algonquin East Gate (45km)
Hwy 60 east through Algonquin to Whitney and Hwy 127
Hwy 127 (3km past Whitney) south to Maynooth
From Pembroke (140km)
Hwy 41 south to Hwy 60
Hwy 60 west (right) to Barry’s Bay
Hwy 62 south to Maynooth

Greyhound Bus Service

From Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa and Pembroke, two (2) days a week, brings you right to our front door!
Maynooth Arrivals:

Sunday & Friday – from Toronto

Toronto7:30 am5758
Scarborough7:55 am7:55 am5758
Oshawa8:35 am8:35 am5758
Orono9:15 am9:15 am5758
Peterborough9:45 am5758
PeterboroughTransfer10:15 am30 minutes5766
Lakefield10:33 am10:33 am5766
Burleigh Falls10:45 am10:45 am5766
Woodview10:58 am10:58 am5766
Apsley11:16 am11:16 am5766
Paudash11:36 am11:36 am5766
Bancroft11:51 am11:51 am5766
Bird's Creek11:59 am12:01 pm2 minutes5766
Maynooth12:15 pm

Sunday & Friday – from Ottawa
Ottawa10:00 am5609
Kanata10:20 am10:20 am5609
Arnprior10:50 am10:50 am5609
Refrew11:15 am11:15 am5609
Haley11:30 am11:30 am5609
Cobden11:40 am11:40 am5609
Pembroke12:05 pm5609
PembrokeTransfer2:30 pm2.5 hours*5783
Eganville3:05 pm3:05 pm5783
Golden Lake3:15 pm3:15 pm5783
Killaloe Station3:40 pm3:40 pm5783
Wilno3:50 pm3:50 pm5783
Barry's Bay3:55 pm3:55 pm5783
Combermere4:12 pm4:12 pm5783
Maple Leaf4:27 pm4:27 pm5783
Maynooth4:40 pm5783

Maynooth Departures:

Sunday & Friday – to Toronto

Maynooth4:40 pm5783
Bird's Creek4:55 pm4:55 pm5783
Bancroft5:00 pm5:00 pm5783
Paudash5:15 pm5:15 pm5783
Apsley5:35 pm5:35 pm5783
Woodview5:53 pm5:53 pm5783
Burleigh Falls5:58 pm5:58 pm5783
Lakefield6:18 pm6:18 pm5783
Peterborough6:40 pm5783
PeterboroughTransfer7:00 pm20 minutes5785
Scarborough8:10 pm8:10 pm5785
Toronto8:35 pm5785

Sunday & Friday – to Ottawa (overnight layover)
Maynooth12:15 pm5766
Maple Leaf12:25 pm12:25 pm5766
Combermere12:37 pm12:37 pm5766
Barry's Bay1:00 pm1:00 pm5766
Wilno1:10 pm1:10 pm5766
Killaloe Station1:20 pm1:20 pm5766
Golden Lake1:35 pm1:35 pm5766
Eganville1:50 pm1:50 pm5766
Pembroke2:20 pm5766
PembrokeOvernight5:15am15 hours*5608
Cobden5:36 am5:36 am5608
Haley5:45 am5:55 am5608
Renfrew5:55 am5:55 am5608
Arnprior6:20 am6:20 am5608
Kanata7:00 am7:00 am5608
Ottawa Bayshore7:10 am7:10 am5608
Ottawa7:25 am5608

*Going to be a while in Pembroke? Click here!

Schedule updated as of May 2015.

Maynooth is the closest you can get to Algonquin by scheduled bus service.
The Greyhound website does not always recognize Maynooth. In that case, please call Greyhound and book through an agent. 1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

The Arlington • 32990 Highway 62 • PO Box 87 • Maynooth, ON K0L 2S0 • Phone 613.338.2080
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