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Cougars In America

Sunday, April 27, 2014

3pm Pay What You Can

Unknown to the Canadian music world, Scott Hamilton left Ottawa in February 2013 in a car packed with the better part of his belongings, a guitar, a “tickle trunk” full of musical gadgets AND 7 handwritten ‘zines with CDs tucked in the back entitled “Cougars in America: Wild Life Sketches.” With no tour to speak of, he started playing coffee shops, legions, bakeries, pubs, anywhere with an audience. The more places he went, the more friends and fans he had to go back to and by the end of the year he had crossed the country 5 times, stood atop some of Canada’s most notorious stages (and also, too be sure, some of the less notorious stages), hand-made and -delivered hundreds of copies his Wild Life Sketches, and inherited a school bus from a friendly truck-driver when his band’s van broke down. Off the beaten path does not begin to describe the places he went on his journey so he takes a shot at describing the trip in his second full length album, “Postcards.” Accompanied Erik Schoepen, his partner in crime and all around musical confidante on lapsteel, resonator, mandolin and dobro, Cougars in America takes you on a nostalgic trip to a bygone era of absolute freedom and adventure. The Cougars in America “Postcards” tour will be stopping in Maynooth on Sunday, April 27 at The Arlington Hotel!

The album is online and can be purchased at

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