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Saturday, October 15, 2016


In October of 2014, with creative space eluding, started writing their music in Kae’s car, in spite of an early cold winter setting in. They discovered the parking lots of provincial parks and conservation areas to provide just the right physical and energetic space; mother nature lending her creative hand no doubt.
With Kae at her laptop and Danah at her gently used, online purchased $10.00 Casio Keyboard, they spent full days into the evening crafting their songs. The car running to keep them warm from the elements, DanahKae breathed love and life into every song. It was a labour of love, these songs that were birthed in none other than the throes of Canadian winter snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and inclement weather on every level. Every song is infused with a caring and compassion unmatched. And now, they are happy to be bringing them to you!

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