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Maynooth Madness

Friday & Saturday, August 30 & 31, 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019
7pm Maynooth’s Got Talent – Bring Your Sing – Get Prizes
9pm Reverend Ken’s Open Offering Of Observance & Obsequiousness

Saturday, August 31, 2019
11am Hastings Highlands History with Senior Archivist Vivian Bloom

12pm Mary Milne
1pm After The Revolution (Killaloe)
2pm The Polyesters (some threads)
3pm The Salt Cellars (after the flood)
4pm Ian Russell

Nightly Repast

8pm Doors
9pm The Tich Maredza Band

Juno award winning composer/multi instrumentalist Tich Maredza and his band are a living laboratory of evolving African Music Our drummer, Gordin Mapika, is a mythic musician. He has toured the world with the giants of Zimbabwean music. The rhythm bubbles over, as he effortlessly combines and improvises on the rhythmic vocabulary that is one of Zimbabwe’s musical treasures. Larry Lewis, a Canadian and the lead guitarist, while well versed in traditional Zimbabwean styles, brings his experience in jazz, Cuban, Fado and Brazilian styles to this group. He is currently experimenting in how to make his guitar sound like an mbira. The mbira is part of the DNA of Zimbabwean music. Another Zimbabwean, Tich Gombiro – Electric Bass, with his impeccable feel for this Southern African music provides the backbone of the group’s sound. And finally Tich Maredza, with his original compositions, provides the vehicle for this dynamic ensemble.

The music of the TMB is like a warm breeze from the highland plateau; a breeze that refreshes, invigorates, inspires and delight.

When we first opened for the legendary Zim musician, Oliver Mitukudzi, he said, in jest while listening to our sound check, “You guys sound better than we do.” This was a joke to be sure but also an expression of respect from the greatest there is.

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