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The Salt Cellars CD Release Party

Saturday, September 7, 2019

8pm $10

Featuring special guest Dave McEathron

The Salt Cellars come from the south side of Algonquin Park.
Like a scene from ‘Northern Exposure’, these eclectic artists found each other in an area filled with like-minded individuals.
Virginia deCarle and Rob Bersan are the singer/songwriter foundation and in 2016, they formed the duo, ‘The Salt Cellars’.
Together, they began to write songs and perform in the Wilno and Bancroft areas, getting great feedback from audiences who attended their shows. People loved the tight harmonies and skilled musicianship.
In 2017, Ron Kapitain, consummate harmonica, accordion & keyboard player from the Maynooth area, joined the band.
In late 2017, the trio met Anax Junius Music Studio producer, Richard Joudrey (Blue Peter/Rational Youth). Impressed by their originality, he was excited to begin production of their first CD entitled, ‘Truth’.
The band has now grown to include Rick Joudrey on bass, Anne Wilde on backing vocals and Brendon Burgess on percussion and drums.

Toronto-Hamilton based multi-instrumentalist Dave McEathron is thrilled to announce his resurgence into the music scene with the release of his full-length folk album titled Abandoned Companions along with a roots rock EP titled The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece, made available everywhere on October 26, 2018.

As the principal songwriter and frontman of the former roots rock band The Warped 45s, McEathron has been praised for his passionate storytelling. Described as ‘one of our most evocative lyricists’ by Exclaim! it was only a matter of time before Dave assembled years of song writing to launch his solo career, but it didn’t come without a serious re-evaluation of what being a musician meant to him.

When the dissolution of Warped 45s occurred, Dave lost his joy for a lot of things. It was then that he realized he was the original ‘Abandoned Companion’. Before his eyes Dave’s life had been turned upside down, the career he spent his whole life working for was suddenly over, relationships fell apart and his mental health was compromised. To rediscover his true love and passion, music, he had to reinvent himself. He tried new things and learned new skills including restoring an old house, making custom belt buckles, even picking up a new instrument – the banjo. In the middle of building indoor barn doors out of reclaimed wood, Dave noticed the knot in the wood looked like a belt buckle. From there he began creating custom belt buckles experimenting with wood knots, metal, old board games and even dinky cars. This is what lead Dave to establishing his skills in leather work that is a big part of his new album’s packaging. “You have your whole life to make your first album,” said McEathron. “I have almost had a second lifetime to write this album again. I had to sit down and re-evaluate how everything in my life lead to this point in my career. I ultimately decided I whole heartedly believed in the music and songs and still wanted it.”

With the tremendous support from people who never stopped believing in Dave’s talent, he was encouraged to fight for what he truly wanted. Insert the musical gift that is Abandoned Companions and The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece. Everything about this album is an intimately crafted piece of art, right down to the packaging. Dave focused on creating a beautiful, tangible piece that fans would want to keep for years to come. Utilizing his crafting skills, Dave has made every album cover with high quality pieces of leather and has hand stamped each one with the album’s logo. Inside fans will enjoy both the full-length folk album along with the roots-rock EP and a complete song book filled with lyrics and chords to every song.

The Salt Cellars Crooked Tree CD Release Party Saturday September 7 2019 8:00PM $10.00 With Special Guest Dave McEathron The Arlington Maynooth Canada Roland's Blazin' Dogs

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