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Anything Goes Cafe

Saturday, November 16, 2019

8pm $5

Saturday November 16 2019.
Our biannual celebration of performance & chutzpah returns! The Anything Goes Cafe is your chance to get on stage & have a little fun. Each act is asked to limit themselves to 15 mins or 3 songs if you’re doing music.
If you don’t think you have something to offer, we don’t believe you. Here’s a little list we came up with to encourage everyone to get involved. We want a little variety in our variety show. You can help!
To sign up, please email
8pm start. $5 with $3 going to Bancroft Local Wood Share. If you can’t make it, please consider donating directly. The cold’s a-coming.

A puppet show or shadow puppet show
A lecture on a topic you know well or don’t know well & always wanted to research
A stand-up routine
Renact or read out a scene or monologue from your favourite movie/TV show/play
A slide-show travelogue from your last or favourite vacation
Read some poetry. Yours or someone else’s.
Dance. Something prepared or improvised. The audience gets to choose the song?
Read from your childhood letters/journals/school papers
Mini Cooking Show. Demonstrate your fave recipe.
Stretch your musical chops. Get handed some text & make it into a song.
Show N Tell, bring an object and tell its back-story/significance
20 questions with the audience. We’ll pick a famous person. You figure it out.
A Story-Off. Sign up as two teams. In stages, we’ll reveal images that your group forms into a narrative.
A magic trick. Or three. Sometimes referred to as a hat-trick.
Tell an inspiring story. Yours or someone else’s. Like Donald Trump’s or Justin Trudeau’s rags to riches story.
You or your group play Name That Tune.
Pet photos. You got some silly ones & they have some silly stories behind em.
Unrehearsed fashion show. Ask three people early in the night to volunteer. We’ll put on some tunes while they bring their best Blue Steel™. You get to voiceover the whole thing.
Play a cell phone game with a partner, like What Am I? or Would You Rather?
Pick two or three photos from your cellphone & give them their 1000-word proper dues.
Lip sync challenge. Can you keep up with a song chosen by the audience?
Draw an image for the audience to see while a musical act performs.

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