The Arlington Gasthaus & Speakeasy

Blue Hazel

Saturday, November 30, 2019

9pm $10

Blue Hazel is steadily growing a reputation for their wide variety of music featuring strong vocals & sultry harmonies, sometimes fun & danceable, sometimes soulful & intense.

Started in July of 2016, Blue Hazel is Caitlin O’Connor & Meisha Browne. Caitlin & Meisha grew up in Bancroft, a small rural Ontario town. Caitlin brings flavors of her Musical Theatre background to the duo while Meisha shares her love of intertwining melodies. Some of their musical influences include Sam Cooke, Fleetwood Mac, The Dave Mathews Band & Marcus Mumford.

Blue Hazel currently enjoys entertaining audiences from small intimate gatherings to large stages. They are excited to continue this journey and have been thinking about writing their own material in the near future.


Saturday November 30th!!! Blue Hazel @ The Historic Arlington Hotel Pew pew pew. Doors open at 8 y'all! $10 gets ya dancing! Hash Tag Purple Palace The Arlington Dot See Eh

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